Learn How to Gain Core Strength and Prevent Falls


Gain Core Strength and Prevent Falls

Date: May 9, 2019 Category: Blog

Loss of muscle mass, strength, coordination, and balance are all common maladies associated with aging. That doesn’t have to be!! The key to minimizing those changes is daily neuromuscular stimulation, like climbing steps or walking. Add these activities to the implementation of a brief daily resistance exercise, and you have the basis for significantly deceasing your chances of falling.

Our suggestion is to find a small space in your home that you pass by each day and develop it into a comfortable place where you can exercise. Accepted science tells us that the key is to work those muscles that activate your nervous system, which benefits the motor centers of the brain while stimulating synapses in the periphery.

Just 6 – 10 minutes of resisted movement while standing in the comforts of your home will generate the neuro-physiological changes that form the basis for strength gain and strength maintenance. It is common knowledge that performing routine resisted exercise forms the foundation for strength gain, improved coordination and balance that translates to the prevention of falls.

How do I do this?
1) Learn how to perform resisted exercises that are appropriately directed to the muscles of the core.
2) Be consistent! Plan for just a few minutes every day!
3) Do the movement properly. In a standing position, the move is down, forward and across, then up, back and out.
4) Get results with The Porterfield Core Strengthening Device! If you don’t have a PCSD use rubber cords or appropriate dumbbells.

After 4 weeks of this of activity you will have formed a “good habit”, one where the benefit becomes clearly apparent.

For help designing your exercise space at minimal cost, and to teach you how to use it – email: porterja@aol.com or call us at 330-701-9694.

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