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What’s New in Core Strength?

Date: June 18, 2019 Category: Blog

Introducing: “The Porterfield Core Strengthening Device and Method”

Why is This Device and Method So Effective?

Using our handheld spring-loaded device and method can be performed standing, seated and supine lying. It is proven effective by extensive use in clinical testing, and by University research. This research validates our claims of simultaneous contraction of multiple muscles of the trunk / core and reported statistically significant increases in core strength after just 4 weeks of consistent use!!

Supported By Science

Our device and method so effective because the product is strongly embedded in the sciences of anatomy, biomechanics and neurophysiology. Science solidly supports the notion that the nervous system rapidly adapts to physical stress. Watch our video to learn more. Also watch two presentations by Jim Porterfield PT, MA, AT(ret) on “Musculofascial Dynamics” and “Core Strengthening and Arthritis”

Musculofascial Dynamics

Core Strengthening and Arthritis

Convenient and Effective

The device and method permit a convenient and effective way to provide brief bouts of resisted movement to the muscles of the core in the comforts of your home and/or office. This consistent resisted exercise daily is essential, and the best method ay to increase and maintain strength, postural stability, and enhanced performance throughout the activities of daily living (ADL). We suggest placing the device at waste height on a couch or chair that you walk by often each day. Pick it up and spend 6-10 minutes with it – replace it and be on your way.

It’s easy! You don’t have to change clothes, drive to a gym or break a sweat. It’s just a brief addition to the activities of daily living that eventually, in most cases, becomes a good habit, one where when stopped, the benefits of that activity are obvious and apparent.

Pain-free, Medication-free Living

Core strength is positively related to successful pain-free and medication-free living, along with health & happiness according to the Harvard Health Newsletter. Properly using the PCSD is an Excellent Investment in Your Health! It is the most convenient and effective method for strengthening the muscles of the core. We know the value of this product and concept so much, that we are patent pending international.

We advocate with those who agree, that if you ”Strengthen your core, everything works better.” and “You’ll find that properly using the PCSDevice strengthens more than just muscle!”

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