Short on time and patience? Core Builder Pro fitness device for millennials on the go.


Short on time and patience? Core Builder Pro is the perfect fitness device for millennials on the go.

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Millennials have grown up in a world that emphasizes convenience. Speed and efficiency are key elements in the choices they make with their day to day habits.

Even workouts have changed for millennials. Gone are the days of pumping iron for hours to get those “24” pythons” (That’s a Hulk Hogan reference for those of you under the age of 35). Young people are bagging the weight room, and embracing fitness activities that favor definition, tone, aerobic conditioning, outdoor recreation and core strengthening at home. These activities include yoga, hiking, running, cycling, rock climbing and convenient resistance exercise.

Core Builder Pro

As technology and connectivity have become ubiquitous parts of our lives, it’s easy to get distracted and pulled in many directions away from health and fitness concerns. Finding the time can be difficult.

But most millennials are more health conscious than previous generations.

They are fully aware of the health challenges their parents and grandparents have faced with high rates of obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses brought on by sedentary lifestyles and a poor diet of processed foods. Not to mention the massive financial burden poor health can bring. Millennials don’t want to get stuck in the same feedback loop.

Enter the Core Builder Pro, a next generation core strengthening device and method developed by Jim Porterfield, PT,MA, AT(ret), a prominent physical therapist, athletic trainer, and exercise physiologist. He has co-authored 4 textbooks and a cadaver dissection series on functional anatomy.

Core Builder Pro

When used with the proper method and form, Core Builder Pro cuts your workout time to the bare minimum. The unique and recently patented product design and method of the CBPro activates multiple muscles of the core simultaneously. It creates rapid and predictable improvements to your core strength in as little as a week of proper and consistent use.

We admit, this sounds like a stretch – pun intended – but the results are clear. Our device is proven effective by extensive use in the clinic and by university research that validates the claims. With just 6-10 minutes per day over a 4-to-6 week period, you will see a significant improvement in your core strength, movement coordination, and mental clarity for better overall health.

And to make things even better for a busy millennial, the Core Builder Pro is compact, portable and adjustable for variable resistance. It is convenient for use at home, in a dorm room, at work, or on the go. You’ll find using the CBPro to be easy, fast and effective. For most people, the brief daily core strengthening activity using the CBPro easily becomes a good habit and an integral part of your lifestyle!

When combined with quality nutrition habits, an investment in your health with a Core Builder Pro device will not only strengthen your core, but will improve your long-term health.

Enhance your fitness for a healthier, happier You!


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