“The Core Builder is easy to use, and the benefits make aging a lot more comfortable.”

Brad, 73, Retired Executive, Sarasota, FL

I’m 71 years old and have been using Core Builder Pro for 10 months,using it at least 6 times per week. I have noticed over time that Ihave experienced an unplanned benefit. Prior to using the device, andI’m sure due in large part to age and insufficient physical exercise,the frequency of pulled muscles was increasing. Little things like getting out of bed, reaching to pick something up, putting on shoes,washing and waxing the car, and lifting objects, would frequently result in a pulled muscle or at the very least sore, achy muscles. Now thatI’m exercising with the Core Builder Pro, I rarely experience pulledmuscles. I also sleep better, due to less muscle ache, and my frequency of taking mild pain killers has dropped significantly. TheCore Builder is easy to use, and the benefits make aging a lot morecomfortable. Another workout discovery. I worked outimmediatelybefore going out to hit golf balls. It was the most loosened up I have felt and it was reflected in an increase in the length of my backswing and follow thru. Crunchin’em! I can also say it minimized my risk of injury.

“I am very excited with my results!”

Stacey, 28, Registered Nurse, Mogadore, OH

I am a 28 year-old registered nurse in the operating room. We have one child who is now 2 years old. As I began to realize the negative changes that were happening to my body, I decided to consult my mother who is a prominent Physical Therapist Assistant, and she suggested using the Core Builder Pro, a device that she has used in her clinical practice for over 30 years..

I started using The Core Builder Pro Core Strengthening Device in January of 2020. Before I started this journey, I took measurements all over my body. After just 1 week of using the device I could see noticeable results. After 1 month I remeasured myself and had lost an inch around my waist! In the second month, I lost another inch! This has been a great tool for me to use because it is easy and quick. I can dedicate 6 minutes a day to using this and I now have a noticeably flatter stomach. I have continued to notice myself getting stronger and increase my resistance level. I am very excited with my results!

“I could feel that these resisted movements were tightening up my core!”

Nick, 71, Ex Superintendent of Schools, Pittsburgh, PA

In 2018, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my back. I was to the point of significant pain and had to temporarily walk with a cane periodically. I began a pain medication program which also included injections. Those were difficult times!

I entered Physical Therapy with excellent care. The treatment plan consisted of painmanagementmedication, and when wecould,we moved on into total bodystrengtheningand PT/yoga exercises withparticularemphasison the muscles and structure of the core.

In August to 2019, as a suggestion of the PT, Iintroducedthe CoreBuilderPro (www.corebuilderpro.org) into my dailyexerciseroutine. I could feel that this resisted movementsweretighteningup my core and improving my balance andstrengthof eachmovementin my activities ofdailyliving. I am a retired 70-year-old who has always been very active but obviously needed to supplement my health needs in strengthening my muscles.

In the past 8 months, I have noticed increased strength in my walking routine with my wife; my energy level playing with my grandchildren.

I am now pain andmedicationfree, and because of the significant increased movement and strength of my core, and believe it or NOT - I am playing the best golf of my life, hitting the ball straighter and further than ever.

Thank you to the creators of the “Core Builder Pro".

“Within the first two weeks I notice a significant difference in reducing the back pain I've been struggling with for 25 years”

Scott, 54, Coach, Dubuque, IA

After using the Core Builder Pro” I quickly realized the value of this product. Within the first two weeks I noticed a significant difference in reducing the back pain I’ve been struggling with for 25 years. I sit at a desk most of the day which exacerbates the issue, and this product has helped eliminate it to the point where some days I literally have no pain at all. It’s made a positive difference in my core strength and I think that adds to many other areas as well. I have it sitting by my desk and when I have a few minutes I take a break and do the exercises Jim has outlined well. Thank you for bringing such a great product to the hands of so many. It’s simple, practical and effective. I highly recommend the Core Builder Pro to anyone looking to stay healthy, strong, and pain free!

“I noticed a huge difference ”

Linda, 58, Physical Therapist Ass't, Mogadore, OH

So I had two majorsurgeries within 24 hours. So my abdominal wall had been definitely interrupted. I started using the machine, the ab machine. I used it every day for six weeks and within a week I was able to feel what they were trying to teach me. They had been trying for a month and I just couldn’t get it. And I noticed a huge difference. My (LOWER BACK ??) changed it just really did change my life and for that I am very thankful.

“I can always find a few minutes between patients to use the device and keep those muscle groups toned. ”

Bob, 71, Child Psychologist , Dalas, TX

I am 71 years old and have been working with a personal trainer 2-3 times per week for nearly 4 years, and I totally understand the benefits of regular, rigorous exercise to my physical and psychological health. Further, as I age realize that maintaining good core strength is especially critical to both my posture and balance. And yet, as a health care provider with no plans to retire, there have been times when the demands of my work schedule make it difficult to maintain good consistency. That is where the Core Builder Pro comes in. On days when I am forced to miss a session with my trainer, I can always find a few minutes between patients to use the device and keep those muscle groups toned. Recently, in my home state of Texas as with many other areas throughout the country, local gyms have been forced to close due to the Corvid Virus. While I still make the effort to “train” on my own, I have come to depend more and more on this simple, super convenient device. The Core Builder Pro has been a game changer during these difficult times. Worth every penny!

“I see great potential for incorporating this device in my clinical practice ”

Barb, 62, Physical Therapist , Women’s Health Specialist , Indianapolis , IN

My name is Barb; I have specialized in women’s health and pelvic physical therapy for over 30 years. I started using the CBPro about 4 months ago, 3-4x per week, as part of a functional strengthening program. Even with my years of focus on trunk and pelvic floor rehabilitation in my work, the CBPro added to my sensory awareness and coordination of those movement patterns (in particular trunk rotation). I see great potential for incorporating this device in my clinical practice going forward. Plus, efficient muscle recruitment from the ankles to the upper back will be a plus for busy clients, and therefore enhance compliance!

“I feel like a different person ”

Jim G, 69, Retired Banker, St. Clairsville, OH

Hello, I am 68 years old and a retired banker and for 20 years a full time church organist. Awhile back I had some lower abdominal pain which got quite bad so I finally went to the doctor where the CT scan showed I had a diastasis recti. As time went on I talked with a couple people who said there were physical therapy exercises that could help this condition and possibly no surgery would be needed. I began the PT exercises when a good friend told me about the Porterfield Core Device which might do some good. I procured the PCD where I could tell the first week it was making quite a difference. It’s now been about 8 months and I have used it pretty religiously. I’m feeling very much better. My posture and balance is definitely better. I try to walk 3 to 5 miles daily. In my opinion it has been a miracle device. I would recommend it highly. In fact I have bought one for a gift - that’s how much I think of it. So I would advise anyone for improved health, general feeling, sleep, bowel habits - everything has been better! I feel like a different person.

“I have not played this well or felt this good in over 10 years.”

John, 69, President & CEO, The Hamilton Group, New York , NY

I am a 68 yomale Executive and an avid golfer. I have been using the Core Builder Pro approximately four times per week over the last six weeks. I can already feel my core muscles strengthening and tightening up abdominal area. On the golf course I am able to turn more freely with much less back pain than I experienced prior to using the Core Builder Pro...I also feel that I have gained at least 5-7 yards off the tee since using! And, “I have not played this well or felt this good in over 10 years.”

“After using this device I find myself standing taller and running stronger. ”

Alison, 42, Marketing Executive , Massillon , OH

Hello, my name is Allison. As a runner, it’s important to have good firm and a strong core. I started running later in life and have run some pretty bad habits with firm. After using this device I find myself standing taller and running stronger. My stride is much stronger and overall I feel sturdier on my feet when they hit the road. And asa working mother it’s hard to make time to workout every day. However, with this ten-minute workout it’s so easy to fit it into my schedule. I’ve even been known to use it while on conference calls during the day.

“Safe and easy, it is a great investment in my health. ”

Dave, 68, Retired Physical Therapist , Missoula, MT

I have a busy life, even in retirement. The Core Builder Pro gives me an efficient and effective way to keep my core muscles strong. Using it just 10 to 15 minutes a day gives me that toned up feeling and I am ready to meet the day and all my activities, from gardening to backpacking. Safe and easy, it is a great investment in my health.

“Well, not that I ever doubt your knowledge and expertise , but the device is incredible.”

Debra, 66, Retired Executive and Mental Health Specialist , Medina, OH

Well, not that I ever doubt your knowledge and expertise, but the device is incredible. I am out PT for my severe pain for a back injury, but 3 weeks with this device has made a BIG difference. I left PT with the goal yet to strengthen my core. My core is sooo much stronger.

I have returned to horseback riding, hiking, gardening, and have pitched mulch from my pickup truck full of mulch to my gardens - 3 yards of mulch over 6 hours each day consecutively for the past 3 days this week, and 3 yards each day over 3 days last week - - with NO back pain.

My abs are flat and I’ve lost 6 pounds. Not bad for a 70 yr old female. I can out work any female friend, and look like I did college.

My husband’s not so happy. I get whistled at more often. LOL Thanks for all of your dedication to the healthier lives of others.

“I am driving the ball further and feel more stable over the ball. ”

Jim H., 71, Retired Pharmacist , Tallmadge, OH

I am a 71 male and an avid golfer. About 3 years ago I purchased a Total Gym and some bands to get in better “golf shape”. I did feel better and stronger and my golf game did improve, but I felt I needed more. About 4 months ago a friend told me about the Core Builder Pro – Core Strengthening Device he has been using and let me borrow it for a couple days. I was sufficiently impressed that I ordered one for myself. I diligently incorporated this device and the exercises from the website in my daily workout. I began to notice right away strength in my core. I no longer have any lingering back pain (upper or lower), which I occasionally would experience and I noticed that with the addition of the CBPro I could feel my Gluteus Maximus and other places in my pelvis contracting, unlike in my previous exercise routine. The addition of the CBPro enabled me to do leg lifts that were a struggle for me before. I do not have a launch monitor for my golf swing but I do feel that I am driving the ball further and feel more stable over the ball. My overall body feels tighter and my posture has improved. Over all I feel stronger and have a more positive outlook. What makes this device especially convenient is I can take it with me when I travel so I never miss a work out. HIGHLY recommend this product. 5 stars

“What a transformative change!”

Jill, 62, Physical Therapist , Women’s Health Specialist , Indianapolis , IN

I have consistently used the Core Builder Pro since October 2019 following a uno-gynecological reconstructive surgery. Since using the Pro, I feel that I have a heightened sense of using my core muscles when I move, walk, lift, and sit. My postural alignment is more upright without effort, it just happens! I spend less than 5 minutes each day using the Pro and it has become an integral part of my daily exercise routine.

I like the phrase “Tightening Mother Nature’s Corset”. I agree that it kind of sums up the outcome of consistent use of the device.

I like the new graphic...I think it captures the concepts of strength, layering, and kind of looks like the core stabilizers...clever!

I feel that the Core Pro provides a heightened sense of being able to recruit and use the core muscles in every-day movements.

I do believe that I experienced a postural shift after consistent use of the Pro, less anterior tilt in the pelvis, definitely less slumped into more upright posture without effort, what a transformative change!

“The only thing I regret is that I didn’t start using it earlier .”

Bill, 75, Retired Administrator , Senecaville, OH

My name is Bill, I’m a retired administrator been experiencing some back pain several weeks ago. I finally bit the bullet and thought there might be something in chiropractic could do so the first visit provided some relief temporary. Second visit basically the same thing. I went to a different chiropractor same thing and no results just temporary. So I started using your device Jim, and started using it Monday thru Friday for about 5 minutes every morning. The results I’ve got to say is that I’m pain free and as agile as I can be at 75. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t start using it earlier.

“CBP actually saved my golf game and made golf fun again.”

Don, 62, Attorney , Mansfield , OH

I’ve been using Core Builder Pro since July of 2020. I have L4 L5 S1 issues, my left leg usually it’s numb. Been a long time since I’ve been able to play golf pain free let alone back to back days. Since I’ve been using CBP about 2 wks after I started using it at our club invitational and that required me to play practice rounds Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday. I was actually able to do that for the first time in years relatively pain free and actually played another 18 on Sunday which was absolutely unheard of. After a couple months of using CBP I began to feel the strength in my core. I was able to begin swinging and getting on my left side and I was able to release the club which I had not done for a long time and I was more in control. CBP actually saved my golf game and made golf fun again. I would recommend it to anybody.

“One of the primary benefits is that the intensity , frequency and duration of my pain pattern has improved .”

Rick, 67, Retired Executive , Ponte Vadra, FL

I am 67 yo male and I have Ehler-Danlos Syndrome. For decades I have been battling the often-severe episodes of pain that are associated with this complex and difficult condition. I have been consistently using The Core Builder Pro as close to daily as possible for 4 months. I perform this 10-minute activity at home. One of the primary benefits is that the intensity, frequency and duration of my pain pattern has improved, and the pain now is more manageable. Consistently using this device and method has given me more stability in my mid-section, eliminated the lower back soreness that had developed over time, and has even helped with some of my balance issues.

“I am I am a 68 year old 5’8 ½” 155 pound owner of a machine shop in Texas and here's my story:”

Every year three of my best friends, high school college golf teammates convene 2A three day tournament . This tournament is 4 1/2 hours from my home in the day that I was to leave a client had an emergency that required my attention for approximately 4 hours I was rushing lifting and caring and putting things into my truck and I hurt my back I then jumped in my car to make the drive and after the four and 1/2 hours I arrived at the destination and could not get out of my car my dear friend is a physical therapist not a season physical therapist who helped me out of the car and we began treatment that night. He had with him a newly patented core strengthening device that he's been using for the last six weeks. He incorporated that resisted golf-like movement with the device with stretching and soft tissue mobilization. We did this that each evening and morning. I was 75% better the next day as we played nine holes. We continue the same treatment both at the end of the day and the first thing in the morning by the end of the second day I was doing quite well and uninhibited with very little to no pain. The third day it was 100% improved and on the last hole I hit 260 yard drive and birdied the 18th hole. The experience with my back was definitely a real-life issue that turned out better than I could ever imagine! Thanks for designing the device and method and for the expertise and excellent treatment by my PT friend Willy.